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Botellon in MadridWho is Madrid Uno?

I am Madrid Uno. I am house-trained, fully inoculated and won’t bite.

Originally from UK, I came to live in Madrid for 1 year as a kind of sabbatical. Well, several years later, I’m still with ‘The Cats’ (as the locals sometimes refer to themselves) and starting to go native. At least, that’s what my Dad says. Certainly, I’m more fixated on Primera Liga results than the English Premiership nowadays, I siesta in the summer and I hunger for proper jamón when away from Spain.

When I started my residence in this city I had an open mind, my life’s possessions in the back of my Renault and only two existing Madrileño friends: One who believes Real Madrid are the greatest football club on the planet and devotes the best part of his life to following them around Europe, whilst the other one is not currently living in Madrid ever since a tall, blonde, Swedish woman swept him away to her snow cave. I now have a whole group of wonderful friends, from all over Spain and Latin America plus a Frenchie and some other fellow English refugees, and we all agree that this city is ‘la ostia’. Madrid has treated me well, touch wood that it may continue, and on this blog I hope to transfer some of my enthusiasm for ‘el foro’ and its inhabitants to any readers who may stop by.

UPDATE: Jan 2012 – Much to my chagrin, I had to return to UK – got offered a job back in the smoke. So, I’m going to try and maintain this blog by adding cool stuff about Madrid I see on the web and posting when I visit, which I hope will be often. Due over next in April as I write…

Love Madrid. Always will. Awesome place, awesome people. De Madrid al cielo.

13 responses to “About Madrid Uno

  1. I am in need of some help. I am organising my sunday football teams annual tour and we will be arriving in madrid on 25th April . I am looking to arrange a game of football on the saturday afternoon but am having a bit of a ‘mare’ sorting one out. Can be against ex-pat or local team .Any help would be much appreciated . cheers Andy

  2. Hello,

    This upcomign fall I will be residing in Madrid for four months. However, I was wondering where would be the best places to apply for an internship. I am a broadcast journalist major. It seems as though you know the in’s and out’s of Spain and I was wondering if you could help.

  3. Hey guy! What’s up!
    I really like your blog. I’m glad you’re happy here in Madrid. It’s the best city all around the world! But… London rocks too! ;D!
    I was born in Madrid but I’m living in Mostoles, really closer than the town center. I’m studying Business Management in the Rey Juan Carlos University, in Mostoles Campus.
    If you want it, don’t hesitate to contact me dude.
    Take care!

  4. Is it possible to Real Madrid tickets at Brenabeu?
    I cannot afford 3 tickets at the prices I am seeing on the internet. I am taking my nephew to Madrid on November 22, 2008 and I really want to surprise him with at partido.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Mia

  5. Hi Mia,

    Buying a ticket at the stadium depends mostly on who Real are playing. For a match against Barca (spit…) Valencia or Atleti for example – no chance. Totally sold out.

    However, I see that on the 23rd (Sunday) they are playing Recreativo – a small club – so there is a chance you will be able to get a ticket – albeit, very high (extremely high!) up in the stands. Expect to pay Euros50/75 – more if you want really good seats.

    The ticket office is attached to the stadium. If you are arriving on Saturday I suggest you go there immediately you arrive and enquire there. Look for the ‘Entradas’ part of the Real Madrid shop. Staff are friendly, if a little high handed.

    Hope that helps.


  6. Hi
    Have you been to the circus next to the bullring yet? If so, how do you rate the ice show in it?

  7. Hi there,

    My girlfreind and I are going to be in Madrid around May 24-29. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on cheap, clean lodgings and wonderful authentic food/markets/bars etc. Also any special local goings-on during that week.

    anything you can think of would be helpful.


    • Not having to use hotels or hostals myself I can’t really give you any pointers on accommodation. The only thing I would say is avoid anywhere south of the river and the Embajadores / Lavapies area, which is fine for strolling around in but a little seedy at night.

      As for food / bars – I personally like the Bilbao / Alonso Martínez area for tapas and early evening drinks and Malasaña for clubs and bars as the night progresses – Huertas is also good for tapas and La Latina can be fun (if crowded and now a tad over-hyped by the media). However, don’t limit yourself to these, it’s a compact city so you can walk around and find all sorts of intriguing and friendly places. Avoid Sol / Plaza Mayor for eating, total tourist trap. Check out my pages on Things to do in Madrid for more.

      The big Sunday market is the Rastro (La Latina). It’s interesting I guess but full of the standard crap you find in these sort of places all around the world. If you want to see something slightly different on Sunday morning head to the lake at Casa de Campo (metro: ‘Lago’) where you can have a pleasant stroll and see the Latino immigrant ‘domingueros’ – who set up makeshift stalls and BBQs selling proper South American snacks. It’s all illegal but the police seem to turn a blind eye and I’ve not witnessed any trouble. Indeed, when they realise you’re not Spanish (and therefore not ‘undercover’ agents looking for illegal immigrants’!) they can be really friendly.

      One piece of general advice – watch your valuables – Madrid is generally a very safe city but full of expert pickpockets.

  8. Hello my name is Ken and I will be in Madrid from the 24/9/10 till 26/9/10
    I will be staying at the ABBA Hotel with a group of Australians who follow Australian rules football.
    I was hoping to visit one the pubs who would be showing a live or delayed telcast the 2010 AFL Grand Final.
    If there is any pub in Madrid that will be showing the game please let me their address.
    Kind regards
    Ken Hatherley

    • Hey Ken, you should have no problem watching live – the pubs down in Heurtas (Dubliners etc.) show AFL and so do some others on the list in this article that are based in the centre. They open late on Sunday Morning’s (11.00am ish) but for important finals they will advertise special openings. Just ask the staff.

  9. Hola,

    Is there a specific pub in Madrid where Chelsea fans gp to see their games?

  10. Buonas dias
    we are a group of Welshmen, aged who play football once a week on astro-turf…we call ourselves the Tuesdays Turks…and have been allover the UK and Europe on our yearly Tours. We have decided to visit Madrid …next weekend and we have a special need. Wales have made it to the World Cup semi-finals and are playing early next Saturday morning. So can you suggest anywhere where it would be possible to see it?
    Secondly we would liike to play a game of football against local opposition ….perhaps your team. Our ages vary from 20-57years! and we arent very good! I must admit we did beat a Belgian team once but they had an 84year old goalie…
    So I wonder if you can help
    The Tuesday Turks

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