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Patricia Conde

I was chatting to some Spanish mates the other day about my favourite newsreader, a certain Mónica Carrillo, who sends my heart aflutter everytime she says ‘crisis economica’ – but they were fairly dismissive and instead raved about a certain Patricia Conde, who presents a comedy review / current events TV show called Sé lo que hicisteis (trans. ‘I Know What You Were Up To’). Check her out in action below:

Well, I still say Monica is tops. Now don’t get me wrong here: Patricia is clearly a top babe. But here in Spain, while I’m still regularly knocked sideways by these dusky latin beauties, for the locals they’re just ten-a-dozen. Blondes, on the other hand, get special attention and even an average looker will get herds of men tripping over themselves to chat them up. It’s clearly a rarity thing. In the UK we have a shortage of dark latinas and thus I find them exotic. In Madrid, they have a shortage of blondes and thus find them exotic. Well, that’s my theory anyway and I’m sticking to it.

And BTW, Monica, if you’re reading this, pls get in touch. I’m not rich and I’m not handsome but I have all my own teeth and can make a great Cosmopolitan.


Real vs Barca – The Build Up

Since Tuesday, when Chelsea nilled Barcelona away, hopes have been rising in Madrid that maybe, just maybe, Real could put one over the old enemy in Saturday’s second leg of ‘el Clasico’. A win in the Bernabeu would bring Real to within one point of the Catalans with four matches to play. ‘Squeaky bums time’ as someone in football once said.

The default mode of Spanish sports reporting is ‘intense’ but they’ve managed to ratchet it up a few notches . The national and local TV news and radio talk shows have been frothing up the tension all week and yesterday the sports paper AS consisted of 22 pages of Real-Barca, the TV guide and a picture of a semi-naked babe (she thinks 2-1 to Madrid BTW).

Also yesterday, the daily magazine show on TV called España Directo got caught up in the hype – and got caught out. A live report from Nuevos Ministerios was showing a special grand digital screen that has been set up to show text messages sent from Barca and Real fans (or anyone else who wanted to get involved) via something similar to Twitter – A Twitterfall in public as it were. Well, the super enthusiastic reporter was interviewing those responsible for the set-up and then getting vox-pops from people who had stopped to check out the excitement when he turned to the camera and said – OK let’s check out some of the messages. The camera focused on the screen and while there three messages flashed up, one after the other. The first said (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘Stick it up your arse Barca, go f*** your mothers”, the second was simply “Sex!” and the third was “Eto, f*** off back to Africa and take your CDs with you” (a reference to the fact that many illegal African immigrants sell bootlegged CDs and DVDs on the streets).

They hurriedly cut back to the studio where the host presenter smoothly went on to another item.

Monica Carrillo

Madrid is choc-a-bloc with beautiful women. I fall in love at least three times a day just walking the streets. But recently I’ve not been getting out for my lunchtime stroll. Instead, I have been rushing from my office to get home and switch on the Antena 3 Television News. The reason? Nothing to do with current affairs I’m ashamed to say, but everything to do with the (relatively) new presenter currently co-hosting the mid-week afternoon slot.

Her name is Monica Carrillo – y aqui esta…

Metro Madrid Advertising

This ad is from 2006.

The Madrid Metro is responsible for some of the best TV commercials (‘anuncios’) shown in Spain. But I’ve said this before.

Muchachada Nui

This is a cartoon sketch called Enjuto Mojamuto from the TV show Muchachada Nui, a half-hour programme consisting of unrelated sketches of a very absurd and surrealistic nature. Muchachada Nui started out as quite cult on channel 2 and has gone more mainstream over time, mainly as a result of the sketches being shared around on YouTube (take note Viacom). The humour is typical of what I call ‘Joopie Spain’ – a joopie being the Spanish way of saying ‘yuppie’ but in my definition meaning predominantly young, tech-savvy, city-living, independent people.

Dancing In The Streets – Spain 3 Russia 0

It’s midnight here in Madrid, and as I write the TV is showing hundreds of Spanish football supporters (most under 20 years of age) still dancing in Plaza Colon, the central square where television station Cuatro has set-up it’s base for the duration of the football EuroCup 2008.

For every match featuring ‘la seleccion’ thousands of young fans gather under the massive Spanish flag that flies from the centre of the square, and in full view of three massive screens on which the game is relayed. Tonight’s semi-final versus Russia brought out the biggest crowd yet, while the 3-0 scoreline, and the way the team played, has got everyone really confident. They believe they can win the whole thing.

Following the final whistle we had people out on their balconies, banging drums and chanting / singing songs. My quadrant of town is quite familified so it’s the kids who did most of the shouting, with the odd adult encouraging them on with a bellow here and there.

It’s exciting. The team are exciting. It’s all shaping up perfectly – except now, for the final, it’s the Germans, and how many sporting dreams have they shattered in the past? Pues, venga. !Vamos! !A por ellos!

Let’s see if this exciting style the Spanish national team play is worth a Championship.

Current Movistar TV Advertisement

“El anuncio del verano con subtitulos para que nadie se pierda nada de la letra y pueda hacer KARAOKE a toda horas”

Trans. The advert of the summer with subtitles, so that no-one should miss the words and be able to use them when doing Karaoke at all hours.

Based on an original funky toooon by Pino D’Angio, called: “Ma Quale Idea”