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Poster at Glorieta de Bilbao



In Madrid Yoda Is

Yoda is in Madrid

Yoda is in Madrid

The Star Wars Exhibition has come to Madrid and here is a photo of the star as he is billed on the outside of the building housing the show.

The exhibition will be running until March 15th (7 days a week) and can be found at Canal de Isabel II located next to Plaza de Castilla. Most interesting to me is the ‘Jedi School’ – which sounds pretty funky, I need some pointers on sword control. Maybe this guy is the teacher, although Yoda would be better.

2o Years Since Almodóvar’s Mujeres

Ivan: How many men have you had to forget?
Pepa: As many as the women you remember.

This week marked twenty years since the release of Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios – (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) Pedro Almodóvar’s classic Madrid-based film. The Saturday paper supplements chose to use this anniversary to throw a few retrospectives of La Movida as well as reviews of all the women’s acting careers.

Pedro himself did some embarassing singing in an awards ceremony and later introduced the press to his latest film, called Broken Embraces, as well its blog, which he will “carry on doing it at least until shooting finishes”.