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El Canto del Loco

ECDL are a pop-rock band hailing from Madrid. Fronted by Dani Martín, they have been a fixture in the Spanish music scene for a decade. Most Madrilena females can sing at least a couple of their songs off-by-heart and are known to sigh heavily when band members enter their presence.

Here’s a classic example. A ballad. Listen to the crowd sing-a-long.

Show Me Spain

Have just discovered an excellent personal blog about living in Madrid written by “A midwestern girl who married a madrileño and now her life is changing…”

It’s well written, has some good photos, and is fascinating to compare with my own experiences, as a foreigner, living in this great city. Some of her observations totally match with mine, while others open up a new perspective or show, perhaps, a deeper understanding. Excellent stuff.

Patricia Conde

I was chatting to some Spanish mates the other day about my favourite newsreader, a certain Mónica Carrillo, who sends my heart aflutter everytime she says ‘crisis economica’ – but they were fairly dismissive and instead raved about a certain Patricia Conde, who presents a comedy review / current events TV show called Sé lo que hicisteis (trans. ‘I Know What You Were Up To’). Check her out in action below:

Well, I still say Monica is tops. Now don’t get me wrong here: Patricia is clearly a top babe. But here in Spain, while I’m still regularly knocked sideways by these dusky latin beauties, for the locals they’re just ten-a-dozen. Blondes, on the other hand, get special attention and even an average looker will get herds of men tripping over themselves to chat them up. It’s clearly a rarity thing. In the UK we have a shortage of dark latinas and thus I find them exotic. In Madrid, they have a shortage of blondes and thus find them exotic. Well, that’s my theory anyway and I’m sticking to it.

And BTW, Monica, if you’re reading this, pls get in touch. I’m not rich and I’m not handsome but I have all my own teeth and can make a great Cosmopolitan.

Antonio Vega Dies Aged 51

Madrid-born Antonio Vega Tallés, lead singer and guitarist for the band Nacha Pop and writer of one of Spain’s best loved pop songs “Chica de ayer“, died today aged only 51 years.

Every news programme in Spain has covered his passing away because he and his band were genuine stars in the Movida Madrileña, the late 1970s / early 1980s artistic and socio-cultural movement that occurred in the aftermath of Spain’s ‘Transition’.

The band had split in 1988 and Antonio had forged a respected solo career, only to be cut short by pneumonia brought on by cancer of the heart.