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Things to do for free in Madrid

I can’t believe I haven’t come across this website before today. MadridFree is a daily updated site featuring the latest exhibitions, concerts, special events and other cool and interesting stuff that you can do in the city FOR FREE. The site has an English section too, although it’s clear that most of the articles have just been put through a translator program.

Each event is illustrated with a photo and there is a categorised list for easy navigation to the event type of your choice. You can also subscribe and get the latest events auto-fwded to your inbox / twitter / facebook account etc.

This site is going in my sidebar. Muy bueno!


Madrid on Video

A 5 minute, unnarrated documentary video available at Vimeo, featuring scenes, locations and people in present-day Madrid, all shot with a handheld digital camera. The author has captured moments from all over the city, from Metro stations and trains, in the centre and the suburbs, on the roads and in the parks.

THIS IS A HISTORY OF MADRID from Miguel Maldonado on Vimeo.

Juan Ripollés Exhibition

Retiro Park in central Madrid has been hosting an exhibition (Universo Urbano) by the sculptor Juan Ripollés. If you want to see more of these unusual and beautiful sculptures I recommend this great photo gallery on Flickr by Colgantitos.


Antonio de Felipe – Popsport

Advertising for exhibition at Casa de Vacas in Parque del Retiro.

Antonio de Felipe

Antonio de Felipe


A bullfighting cow.



Goya’s Colossus – Who Dunnit?

A mini storm has been whipped up in Madrid’s art circles following the pronouncement by Mena Marqués, chief conservator of the city’s great pride and joy, the Prado museum, that a Goya painting called ‘The Colossus’ was probably painted by Asensio Julia, the master’s apprentice / assistant.

The Colossus

The Colossus

The idea that The Colossus is not in fact by Goya has been around for a while. The painting shows a naked giant, striding across the world, in what looks like a boxing pose ready to punch someone. The painting certainly looks like a Goya – scuffed palette-knifings, panicking little people, shadowy light, insertion of visual jokes (there’s a donkey, too dumb to run, scribbled in) but Marqués thinks not and now the city’s artists are all-a-twitter.

Personally, Madrid-Uno is a ‘don’t know much about art but I know what I like’ type person. But art, especially painting and sculpture, is of prime importance in Madrid’s cultural firmament so it’s a big issue here.