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Morcilla de Burgos

Just found this great post (also on a wordpress blog) about one of my favourite tapas dishes – Morcilla. The blog also has a good page on tapas bars in central Madrid.

I do recommend you try Morcilla de Burgos – even if you think you don’t like black pudding. It’s delish and goes well with a cold beer.


El Viajero – Plaza Cebada (La Latina)

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? Madrid-Uno and Outlaw are a half hour late for their double date with Sabrina and Valerie – but no probs, the girls turn up 30 minutes after us, making us sweat for a while that we’ve been stood-up. While waiting we go upstairs for a swift-half and to discuss tactics. It’s 10.30pm and the bar is already packed. Outlaw is English but has been in Madrid for 16 months or so and gives me some useful pointers about city life here and what women expect from their dates. He says being able to dance at least a little salsa, merengue or something similar would be useful and that’s a bit of an issue for Madrid-Uno because he’s more of an electro-bopper or indie mosher type – you know, jump up and down on the spot, wave your arms in the air, maybe wiggle your bum now and then, that sort of thing. Lessons may be in order.

We are in a well known restaurant / music bar called El Viajero in the La Latina part of town. Outlaw also informs me that Madrid has different zones for different parts of the evening. La Latina takes the 10.00pm to midnight slot and is full of tapas bars and restaurants where people fill up on little plates of sandwiches and hors’ d’oeuvres (lots of them usually, all shared in a group) and cañas (small glasses of beer).

It’s an older crowd here, most are late twenties or more, and quite smartly dressed. The building juts out into the square somewhat and if you can get one of the seats around the two edges the big, slightly tinted, windows afford a great view over the plaza. Tonight it’s squally and spitting with rain so not many people but Outlaw says that usually there’d be a larger crowd milling about outside, chatting and deciding where to go. When the ladies arrive its cuba libres all round. It’s still a bit of a scrum up here so we go back downstairs where there is a restaurant and bar area. Again, the places around the edge are good if you want to observe life outside. Some people are standing at the bar doing tapas and drinks. The diners are separated from us drinkers by wooden blinds but it’s quite open and airy. All the tables are taken which means the food must be decent. We have some ham and bread which we wash down with a few whiskey cokes. The girls are energised and have a plan to go dancing (encouraged by Outlaw – the bastard) so, with gritted teeth, Madrid-Uno is pulled along.