Madrid’s New Metro Map

mapa del metroActually, it’s not so new – the redesigned map for Madrid’s underground public travel system – El Metro – has been out for a couple of months now, but I thought it was worth a post anyway. The re-design was prompted by the rapid growth of the Metro, which has added some 81 stations and 87 kilometres of tracks in less than 40 years, representing a 30% increase and making it the third largest underground system in the world – a fact of which they’re very proud. The new map is based on the London Underground’s iconic version whereby actual, or real, distances are subverted in the cause of clarity. The colours of the different lines remain the same with the addition of a pink colour for the new light-railway (the ML – Metro Light) in the West of the city, but the other main change is that the plan is represented with 90 degree vertical and horizontal lines at right-angles, as you can hopefully see in the piccie. Click here to see a better, full version of the new map


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